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10 Best Affiliate Programs of 2020

Affiliate programs are a great way to earn an income online.

They’re low risk, low cost and easy to get started.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program rewards a referrer (i.e. you) for helping a company get new customers.

Usually it takes the form of a unique URL that you post on your website, blog, YouTube description etc.

When someone clicks through this link to the company’s website, a cookie is created in that person’s browser.

If they go on to make a purchase, you are then rewarded, usually as a % of whatever they purchase.

The biggest affiliate program in the world is definitely Amazon’s program. Although the commission and cookie expiry is relatively low, you get rewarded for anything that a person buys. And the conversion rate is high, so you’re more likely to earn a small amount per transaction, but with a lot of transactions.

Other than Amazon, we think there are 10 really great programs to keep your eye on for 2020:

Top 10 programs for 2020

ProgramCommissionCookie Expiry
ConvertKit30% recurring30 days
SEMrush40% recurring10 years (yes, really!)
Wix$100 per premium sale30 days
BlueHost$65+45 days
NordVPN40%+ on sign up, 30% recurring30 days
Pabbly30% recurring30 days
Spocket20%+90 days
TripAdvisor50% of immediate ad revenueSession
Sandals Resorts4%60 days
Invoice Ninja50% recurring for 4 yearsN/A (URL based)

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