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5 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram has been a dominant force in the social media industry for a long time, and recent stats show that this trend is likely to continue long into the future.

To put it clearly, 1 billion people use Instagram every month, and in 2020 the most recent prediction is that users will spend an average of 28 minutes on the platform, every day. That’s just insane.

The sheer number of users that Instagram has makes it an important and fundamental place to gain an audience online.

Simply put, if your online strategy doesn’t include Instagram, it absolutely should, and this article is a great starting point for you.

And if you’re already smashing it? We might just have a few tips you haven’t yet thought of.

1. Your Profile Mattters

There is a temptation with Instagram to focus only on engagement. As we will discuss in step 2, engagement is important. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect your profile.

Let’s take it back to basics – why do people follow your account? In 95% of cases, its because they like your content.

If you aren’t putting substantial time into creating content, including pictures, videos and stories, then you’re failing at the first hurdle.

If you’re lacking inspiration or photography skill, check out this article for more advice.

2. Engage, engage, engage

Once you have established and interesting account, and are putting effort into producing high quality content, you’ll be looking to grow the account.

Accounts can grow on their own through content feeds – see point 3 for utilising hashtags for this purpose. But this growth is often slow. Too slow.

A great tip is to actively engage with the people who are most likely to follow your account.

What does engage mean? It’s simple: like their photos and stories, comment on their photos and stories, and follow their account.

This will put links to your account all over Instagram. Each time you like a photo, or follow a user, in various places in the platform a link is created back to your page that other users may tap on.

How do I find people to engage with? Searching via relevant hashtags is usually best.

We find that searching hashtags that are actually relevant to your account will yield the best results.

3. Hashtags rock!

Adding relevant hashtags to your images is a must. But you’re probably not adding enough.

You might sometimes see bigger accounts using 10+ hashtags per account. This is a great growth strategy that you should consider.

Getting yourself into hashtag feeds is fundamental to being organically found on the app.

And if you’re looking for great hashtag ideas, check out AllHashtag which is a great tool for finding the biggest hashtags in your niche.

Sometimes, when your content is really good, you might hit the featured posts. This is a guaranteed way to achieve massive growth.

4. Consider growth services

Sometimes spending ages liking and following users isn’t achievable, especially if you manage multiple pages.

We recommend trying some growth services, otherwise known as bots, which can be great at simulating this natural growth but with far less effort.

Our top 3 services:

5. Partner up!

Finally, and maybe most importantly, one of the best ways to quickly grow an Instagram account is to partner up with another account.

Partnering means a campaign of similar posts, or simply tagging another account in your photos.

How do you do this? Reach out to the partner account – send them a DM. Ask if they want to work together, and agree how you’ll do it.

By sharing your audiences, you’re each benefiting from being exposed to a wide range of people in a short space of time. It’s simply a great way to grow.


Growing on Instagram isn’t easy. It takes dedication and time.

But follow these 5 tips and we guarantee you’ll see immediate results.

And remember: Instagram growth increases the bigger your page gets.

If you grow 10% in your first week trying these methods, you’re likely to continue to grow at 10% a week, over time..

So if you have 500 followers now, you might gain 50 followers this week.

When you have 5000 followers, you can expect to gain about 500 followers in a week. Bonkers!

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